September 12, 2019

The Big Idea

Stephen Elson @kajiba

I have been involved with software development for 20 years, as a programmer, architect and product manager.

Over that time I have observed the number and quality of tools available to help teams and organisations manage the work of delivering great software increase massively, and the explosion of SaaS has had a big part to play.

Somewhat paradoxically, the range of good quality tools can actually become a problem for medium to large organisations.

In such organisations, development teams are often fairly free to define their own methodologies or processes, along with the software they use to aid project management, bug tracking, version control, documentation, etc.

As time passes, best practices change, teams form & disband and new tools gain popularity, resulting in a fragmented and complex ecosystem of tools across the company.

Attempts to standardise on a common set of tools often fails as the requirements and preferences genuinely differ between teams. It proves hard to enforce conformity for very long as teams always seek to optimise their processes, and this results in drift from the perceived ideal.

All of this can present a significant problem for project/programme managers who need to track a number of teams, each with their own quirks and tools.

Inevitably, spreadsheets are created to aggregate data and metrics from each team, often painstakingly and time consumingly entered by hand.

Large amounts of time end up being spent massaging data into spreadsheets, and not focusing on helping the teams deliver effectively.

This is the problem we want to solve. seeks to eliminate the laborious aspects of aggregating data from the range of development tools in popular use, and provide a clean, aggregated data set that provides actionable insights into the state of an organisations delivery teams.

The MVP will focus on a narrow slice of this problem space, but a common one in my experience. From there we will establish relationships with the users, and prioritise where to go next.

Let's get started!

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