February 20, 2020

Reached 2600+ visits to AIDomainSearch

Mohit Aggarwal @mohit_aggarwal

I just noticed it's been close to a year and over 2600+ people have used my AI powered domain name generator - AIDomainSearch

How did I accomplish this?

My biggest win was posting AIDomainSearch on Hacker News which drove close to 900 on a single day!
I have posted AIDomainSearch on various startup directories like BetaPage, BetaList, StartupTracker, Owwly.
I have recently joined IndieHackers and am hoping to promote AIDomainSearch here as well.
I intend to promote on technology showcase directories as well. DjangoSites (since, AIDomainSearch is built with Django) worked out well for me and got over 200 hits.

What are some of the marketing methods that worked out for you?
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