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September 26, 2020 Launched MVP Beta on Hacker News

After my MVP newsletter launch and simply posting about it on a couple of Facebook groups, I got about 150+ subs within 2 days of launch. The initial idea was to eventually troll a lot of VCs on Twitter but after the short-term success of this newsletter, I started improving upon the idea and building a product around it.

What I arrived on was a version of LinkedIn but for people on Twitter. This is how Airlane was born.

It exists not just because creators don't like LinkedIn but because for many Twitter has proven it can be a huge platform for building brands, creating audiences, fostering communities, selling products, making connections & even finding jobs.

There is a migration of people trying to use twitter professionally that either were on LinkedIn and are migrating to twitter (like investors, startups, engineers, indiehackers, etc) or people who have never been on twitter (Think Crypto Twitter, Artists, musicians, everyone within influencer economy, etc)

I'm building Airlane to provide them a home! Empower them to do more with their twitter.

June 27, 2020 MVP Newsletter launched 🎉

Hello 👋

Most VCs track the journey of a startup for a long period before investing in them. So we made a tool for tracking the online behaviour of Venture Capitalists. Airlane tracks major VCs in Silicon Valley across sites like twitter, angelist & crunchbase to uncover future unicorn startups.

I've been working on this for about 3 weeks. Finally launched with a weekly newsletter as our first product!

Idea was dramatized originally in Billions S5e6 and I had previously built something similar for finding jobs ate promising startups. Feels good to finally ship this!
I'd love for your feedback and suggestions, we really want to build a something that is both useful and fun.
Hope you enjoy