December 27, 2019

Launched on Hacker News! 209 upvotes! #4 position

Beto @natzar

I wrote an article about and pushed it to hacker news.

It's cool because I teach how to scrape content using your browser only. After explaining the concept with practical examples I introduce my tool.

Seems it was perfect timing, because it's my first time getting more than 2 upvotes! Airovic recieved 209 upvotes! It's still in first page. It reached #4 position.

It's cool because I just was trying to get some feedback, because I was spending a lot of time with that article. And I thought that maybe no one is interested in Scraping, but it seems that is not the case.

Thanks to HN I learnt, that my tool is competing with Selenium. And that I need to focus on regular users, not just developers or tech people.

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