September 3, 2019

Launched a marketing page


I was listening to the Indie Hackers podcast episode featuring this morning, and it inspired me to change approach.

I have an MVP and several alpha testers refining the product, but had made zero inroads on a marketing page. As a coder, I've spent hours fiddling with Gatsby, and Create React App, and several deployment tools, but couldn't get it finished in my spare time (this product is a side-project).

The Maker Pad approach inspired me to give a chance. Sure it doesn't appeal to my "I could build that, for free" mentality, but I actually got something live on the web in a few hours - that looks great - and is hopefully a jumping off point for iterating my marketing message.

Shortcuts sure, but I feel like I've jumped over a mental block and have a wave of energy to push on! I can always build a custom marketing site down the line.

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