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We want to create an awesome open source, Kotlin based web framework so that you can make wonderful, full featured web apps with absolute ease.

March 27, 2020 Alpas Updates — 25 March 2020 Edition

New newsletter is available! We have been putting a lot of focus into a surprise that should be coming in the next few weeks. This 🎁will help with some huge time sucks that take you away from building awesome apps.

Our goal is for users to build the baddest apps around and often times, a certain set of tasks might take days away from building and improving apps. We aim to squash that time suckabyss. 😆

March 9, 2020 Folding in coroutines

We have a working prototype of the power of using coroutines with Alpas. Coroutines are a highlight of using the Kotlin language and make apps even more powerful and performant.

Our prototype shows a significant performance boost when enabling coroutines over sequential processing. Asynchronous functionality is a huge advantage that Alpas provides over other frameworks built on languages like PHP which are not capable of asynchronous processes.

We will have this feature available soon in Alpas. And, don't worry - if you are not comfortable with the extra complexity that comes with coroutines, then you can simply leave that features off. 😎

March 5, 2020 Introducing Glaze

Glaze makes it easy to use Alpas named routes from within JavaScript!

Check out the repo on GitHub -

Glaze makes it a cinch to use named routes on the front-end; making it a breeze to call routes and keep front-end code on the front-end. 😎 🍩

February 20, 2020 Created a to-do app quick start guide

We created a to-do list tutorial to help guide new users of Alpas to create their own to-do list as well as to walk users through some of Alpas's core features. This guide takes you through creating an Alpas project, connecting to a database, writing to / calling from / updating data in the database, and creating a front-end for the to-do list.

View the tutorial here and get started creating your very own Alpas to-do list app!

February 19, 2020 Version 0.15 released!

In our latest newsletter updates, we announced the release of version 0.15.

The full release notes can be viewed here. We've made quite a few useful updates and new features such as auto port selection, resourceful routes, new ozone extensions, and route reloading.

February 11, 2020 Featured on Kotlin Weekly

Alpas was featured in Kotlin Weekly this last Sunday. . It brought a good amount of traffic to the site over the following days and more eyes on the GitHub repo!

Overall, growth is happening little by little. Can't wait to see what's next!

February 7, 2020 Release v 0.14

We went heads down and worked on a ton of enhancements to Alpas that really focus on developer productivity. Alpas web devs can now see template updates without having to re-run a project and there are a ton of updates to working with databases; including creating and seeding sample data to your db.

Check out the release notes at

January 29, 2020 Weekly Update - issue 1

Week 1 update -

Wow! What an awesome first week this was! We had better than expected traffic to Alpas and to our GitHub repo. 43 ⭐️on our GitHub repo ain't to shabby for one week. We are also getting more community members joining our slack channel - 21 at the time I am writing this.

We are getting positive feedback on what we are doing as well as confirmation on the need for creating a Kotlin-based web framework in a similar mold as what Laravel has been for PHP.

All of the better than expected, positive response has pumped us up even more and we are excited about the progress and future of Alpas!

See the full update on Medium

January 26, 2020 Surpassed our opening day site visits

We couldn't be more thrilled, and shocked, that we surpassed the unique visits to our site that we saw in day one. We more than doubled unique visits yesterday and saw 250 visitors. Honestly, we didn't expect to get up to 100 visitors within the first couple months of being out there - so, we are ecstatic! 🕺

We were able to reach these numbers simply by posting about Alpas in a couple of sub reddits.

The uptick in traffic is awesome - but what we realllllly want right now is for people to give Alpas a try, provide some feedback, and help contribute to the open source product so we can continue to make it a super delightful and fun web framework. If you are a web dev and wouldn't mind trying something new, please give Alpas a try and join our community!

January 23, 2020 100 unique views in first full day

We had over 100 unique website views for on the very first day after have launching the pre version 1 of the Alpas web framework. In addition to the pull request, we also had about 15 people create an account on We are also up to 19 unique cloners on GitHub.

A pretty good start!


We want to create an awesome open source, Kotlin based web framework so that you can make wonderful, full featured web apps with absolute ease.