October 20, 2019

Got 8 users more in 1 day.

Mindy Jarukasetphon @MindBender

😁 This is not our first startup but this is the first startup we got this many users in a short period of time. The failure from previous startups taught us to make something people want! We now skip building our landing page but focusing on MVP. I will also focus more on users engagement. I believe simplicity is the value of our product.

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    Congrats on the early momentum! What were your strategies for acquiring these first users? Were there any channels you've found effective?

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      The first strategy to remember is to have a reasonably thick skin. The more you reach out the more visibility you get. There's a fine line between spamming and being considerate, but if you're too bashful think about all the prospective users who will miss out on the opportunity to see you.

      We have found Facebook, Reddit, and relevant chat communities like Slack and Discord to be our places, but then again we have tried them all with our previous product and it was rather disappointing. So I'd say the product's value proposition is the first most important thing in acquiring users. You want that to be clear.

      Many of the users who signed up had some kind of interaction with either myself or my cofounder before signing up, so connecting and engaging with them has been a good strategy to convert so far.

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        Building an authentic relationship is always an effective approach. Great to hear how you're trying to add value to relevant communities.

        Keep up the awesome work!