February 11, 2020

First Reddit post - 268 points, 14 new subscribers

Dawid Cedrych @thedc

I have never been a Reddit user before and wanted to give it a shot as many fellow bloggers/newsletter geeks suggest it as a great channel for visitors' acquisition. On the flip side, I was just curious about the result, will they roast me or the welcome will be slightly warmer?

I worked hard to get my 10 comments karma in r/entrepreneur subreddit and be allowed to submit my first post. My goal was to post my content in a way users find it worthwhile and helpful.
Having in mind that direct promotion is not an option- here is what I did:

  1. Took this article https://altabits.substack.com/p/2-pick-the-right-market and copy-pasted its content with minor tweaks (deleted mentions of my previous articles)

  2. Came up with a new title as "Pick the right market" sounds too vague. I went for "A piece of advice that helped me stop worrying that my business idea already exists."

  3. Added the following closing section for authenticity "This piece of advice changed my approach to new business ideas completely. I used to be like "Ohh, something similar already exists" and ditched the idea right away. Now, I don't get discouraged so quickly - I think of the market size and what I could do better than competitors to claim at least a chunk of the right market."

  4. Held my breath and clicked submit

Luckily, the first comment submitted under my post (and eventually most upvoted one) referred to the concept I described in my other essay, so I shared a link in my reply. I thought this is not going to be seen as direct promotion, and I was right. No one complained and got a few upvotes on that comment.

It was Friday around 2 PM CET. Until 6 PM the post received around 20 upvotes, then from 7PM - 11PM likes started flowing in (over 200). Finished with 268 points.

It resulted in circa 350 new views and 14 new subscribers to Alta Bits!

Reddit post:

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