Software solutions for complex needs

Under 10 Employees
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Solo Founder

I want to bring my experience both tech and product ownership wise to my future customers.

July 5, 2021 Passed 8000 followers with @golangch

Passed another 1000 followers, reaching over 8k with

Beside the Twitter Followers growing, this helps a lot with selling Job Ads on

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January 13, 2021 Over 110 Github Repo Stars

I was quite sure, that another React Boilerplate will not get a notable return, but I was wrong.
And sometimes being wrong is not bad :-)

I got in a week over 110 Github Repo starts for the React 17 - TailwindCSS 2 - Webpack Boilerplate, just posting it once on Reddit.

I will prepare a more advanced and opinionated boilerplate another time this year

December 7, 2020 Human work counts: Reached 6000 followers

Since 2017 I do daily 1-3 posts via about interesting Go language based libraries, applications and content.

There are a bunch of Go related Twitter accounts which do the same, but much of them are bots, working with Github API.

I do it manually and can now be really happy to reach over 6000 followers with the language i did all my side projects like , , and my software development services I offer via

November 29, 2019 New Page Online

Software solutions for complex needs - This means for me to first understand very well what my customer needs. What is exactly the problem he wants to resolve?

Knowing this I work with the customer on the best possible solution.

My new page for my consulting service show's a bit more about me, my services, portfolio, and contacts.


I want to bring my experience both tech and product ownership wise to my future customers.