October 25, 2019

Our first 10 Companies and 190 Users Paying!

Michael Mota @michaelmota

We've finally reach our first goal in companies. With only 8 months in which we have only focus on development without even noticing it, we've finally got our client #10 and 190 active users paying. The best part is that we haven't spent a dollar on ads yet.

It's amazing what you can build without even noticing it, we have only been working on developing a great product before we make the official product launch and people are starting to notice the effort, talking about it and joining even with a partly working MVP.

Our business model is based on a B2B monthly subscription, you pay per user that has access to the platform with your company data.

We are going to take this to the next step now which is officially launch the product on November 20 of 2019. This will be huge!! Stay tuned 🚀

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