Created sponsorship sheet, sold out in 2 hours.

Today I created a Sponsorship Sheet for Alternative Assets.

The problem I'm trying to solve is that the newsletter is increasingly valuable each week. So assigning fixed sponsorship rates doesn't make sense right now.

My sheet pulls in real-time pricing, based on an audience & CPM formula I created. I also tried to give it a nice look & feel - I think a little can go a long way with something like this.


Sponsorship Sheet

Pricing Formula

  • First I took the subscribers and multiplied by $0.03 cents per subscriber. This is standard, perhaps on the low end for smaller newsletters.

  • Second, I took the number of opens, and multiplied it by $0.067 per open. Opens are fundamentally more valuable than subscribers, and since my open rate is on the higher side.

  • Third, I took the number of impressions, and multiplied it by $0.10 cents. Because of my website, impressions are higher than inbox views.

  • To predict the future of subscribers (in light gray) I calculated my weekly growth rate at just under 10% per week. I used my average open rates over the past 6 weeks as the benchmark.

  • Predicting the impressions was trickier. I created a metric called the impressions to subscribers ratio, which I calculated at 2.1.

  • Finally, to calculate my rack rates, I simply took the average of the three prices.

Sponsorship Calculation

2 hours after posting, a sponsor I had been previously speaking with went ahead and bought up all of my remaining inventory for slot #1

Interested in booking a slot? Let me know!

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