Hit 200 subscribers

I've been getting great feedback on my newsletter. The alternative assets "theme" is clearly resonating with people, and the audience is getting more engaged over time. I've been getting decent shares, and open rates hover between 50% - 60% for each issue.

I am gaining about 20-30 new subscribers each week, and today, seven weeks after launching, I hit 200 subscribers. Woohoo!

200 subscribers

Most importantly though, I'm enjoying writing this newsletter. They say write what you know, and I while live and breathe digital asset investing, it's great to step away from that world every few issues and explore/learn about new topics like investing in wine.


The website stats are still pretty low, but no worries. I'm keeping the best SEO juice for myself instead of letting Substack keep it all, and expect to start ranking for some organic keywords over time.

I'm joined a few newsletter communities to learn and share growth strategies: IndieMailer, NewsletterCrew, and Newsletter Geeks.

Sign up if you're interested in this world. Would love to have you join!

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