Launched a Website

Today I spun up a new website for this project: http://AlternativeAssets.club

(Yes AlternativeAssets.com was already taken. But I could care less about that. Also, the .club TLD is quickly rising in popularity.)

Why create a website when I already have a Substack? A few reasons.

First, it’s an additional acquisition channel. An easy way to get some incremental traffic for this project while having more control over how it unfolds.

But there’s an even better reason to have a standalone website. If all my content lives on Substack, I don’t actually gain anything from it.

I ultimately want to ensure all my content lives on a site that I own. The goal is to use Substack as a blogging/publishing platform, while using my website to rank for long-tail keywords. The hope is that eventually over time, I can monetize the site itself along with the newsletter.

"But won’t Google penalize your site for duplicative content?"

Not if you play your cards right. What you can do is use your Substack posts as a “feeder” to your core website, where the bulk of your content actually lives permanently.

I put together a quick guide to help all the frustrated Medium writers who are looking to actually monetize their blogs. The same process can be applied to Substack as well. Pretty cool!

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