Launched first paid package: 2.6% CR after 3 days.

A few days ago I released my first paid package.

When considering different upsell models, I knew I didn't want to do a regular paid subscription. I just don't like the idea of asking readers to pony up for more content, and I think that model is going to hit diminishing returns soon (C'mon, how many different paid newsletters are you REALLY going to subscribe to?)

So instead of a paid newsletter that gives you more, I decided to offer a paid package that gives readers something different.

The package is called Traffic Opportunities, and it's like a Data-as-a-Service package. My newsletter is now a giant lead magnet for this paid package.

The idea is simple: I've developed a new methodology for systematically finding undervalued and mispriced websites. Every Friday I pull the latest website listings into my giant Excel sheet, run them through my formulas, do some light due diligence, and email the results to paid subscribers.

Think of it like Moneyball for finding undervalued and mispriced websites. It's a ridiculously unfair advantage for anyone interested in acquisitions.

I priced it at $10/month with a 4-week free trial using Memberful. After 3 days my conversion rate is 2.6%, which I am happy with so far. I will continue promoting in each newsletter and am hoping to get this up to 5% by end of year.


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