Merged with another newsletter!

🎉 Big day!

I'm happy to announce I am joining forces with fellow Indie Hackers @itiswyatt and @jakobgreenfeld.

We're merging our newsletters & audiences together (Alternative Assets and Fractional) and have created a new single paid product called Alternative Assets Insider.

His Substack newsletter, Fractional (along with his recently launched paid service Fractional Arbitrage) contains some of the sharpest writing and most forward-thinking analysis of fractional investment opportunities on the entire Internet. Full stop.

Wyatt has been an avid reader of Alternative Assets since the beginning. He has inspired past issues, provided excellent ideas & feedback, and sparked thought-provoking conversations. Last December he began doing Twitter teardowns of upcoming Rally & Collectable IPOs, which immediately caught my eye.

We realized that we were not only big fans of each other’s work, but were actually starting to complement each other quite nicely. I had just released my first paid package, Traffic Advantage, which used proprietary metrics to analyze deals in the website investing space.

I knew I wanted to expand this offering to Ecommerce and Micro SaaS businesses. It turned out that, with his background in finance and intelligence analysis (along with his killer new paid newsletter) Wyatt was essentially doing the same type of analysis for an entirely different class of alts. It felt like a perfect match.

We also realized that, despite the quickly growing interest from both casual lurkers and serious investors, there is a lot of confusion and noise.

Although assets are vetted by their respective platforms, that does not mean you shouldn’t research what you’re investing in. Regardless of the forum through which you invest, you always need to take the time to understand the risk/return profile of your investments.

People want to get involved in these exciting new worlds, but find it difficult to navigate intelligently. It’s tough to know not only who to trust, but why to trust them. We were seeing some bad info, some charlatans, and a near-total lack of the deep, rich, valuable analysis that we both love performing.

In short, we saw an opportunity to cut through the noise like a knife, use our expertise to our advantage, and deliver real value.

So today, Wyatt and I are happy to announce that we have joined forces.

To add fuel to the fire, we’ve also partnered with the supremely intelligent and talented Jakob Greenfeld (founder of Newsletter Spy, Gum Spy, and Product Explorer, to name just a few) to build our robust backend data pipeline.

We’re calling our new service Alternative Assets Insider.

Learn more:


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    Great to see this @stefanvonimhof. Been following your journey for a while. Congrats! Will probably buy an ad slot from you guys later on ;)

    1. 2

      Awesome! Thanks for your support. Yup, just let me know whatever you need, I'd be happy to accomodate a special arrangement for you.

      1. 1

        Awesome! I'll be in contact 😊

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