January 17, 2020

First 3 beta users - B2B SaaS - !!

Dimitris Kotsakos @dimkots

We are really happy that Feedgrip has reached the magic number of 3 beta users! Not that magical, but for us it is super important!

How we achieved this

We've been shamefully cold email-ing people for 4-5 months now. It was difficult at the beginning, since we only had one integration up and running (namely Drift), which meant that we only could target Product Managers in companies that are using Drift to collect user feedback.

As we kept adding integrations to collect feedback from (Zendesk and Help Scout) the pool of people we could talk about Feedgrip became a little bit larger.

However, cold emailing did not work for us very well. We had less than 1% response rate, and none of these emails ended up in the user beta testing the product.

The first 3 beta testers found us themselves, through our Medium posts, Twitter and IndieHackers presence.

We have to think about this and adjust our strategy in the weeks to follow.

P.S: Another 3 demos booked for the following week! Let's hope we get another 3 beta users :)

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