October 28, 2019

In-App Customer List.. BORING?

Dave Young @Davey

I just wanted to get in a basic customer list into the App UI so I could have a business owner register for an account during a live demo, and hand them the 'keys to the kingdom' by making them an admin. This was not an exciting task at first, it was purely functional and painful. I even demoted it into the "unscheduled" bucket a few times over the last month. But as I'm focusing on the easiest way to onboard a new business user in a live demo, I decided to suck it up and get through it. I've seen customer lists many times in SAAS and online product sites, and they're almost useless except to look up orders or provide customer service...

However, once I had the basic information present in a list in the app, and realized what other nearby data points could be assembled, I saw what a truly powerful tool this could really add to Announcr.

I could see the number of customer visits and when the most recent visit was. Could see the age of the customer relationship. Various combinations of the above could render some extremely useful segments like:

  • "Regulars"
  • "Long-Term Loyal Customers"
  • "New Customers"
  • "Accelerating/Warming Customers"
  • "Decelerating/Cooling Customers"
  • "Customers who haven't been within the last 2 weeks"
  • "Customers who like XXX"

Thinking about how these segments could be used to target specific groups of customers for messaging is just really, REALLY exciting! Can you imagine being a small brick-and-mortar business and having this power at your fingertips? Pretty cool

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