November 16, 2019

Pivot! Announcr theory changed, simplified.

Dave Young @Davey

I used to get my best ideas while stuck in Boston traffic. Something about having a few quiet hours stuck behind a steering wheel really motivates me. On my last trip in and out of MA, last weekend, I was soaking in some podcasts and felt compelled to hit the Voice Memo button in the podcast player to get down some new thoughts.

I was struggling with the sales model I had set up for Announcr. It required boots on the ground and live trips into local businesses. Certainly possible, but how am I going to make it happen while working a full time job and homeschooling 3 kids from a small cabin in NH? It's hard enough to have a conference call with work or a client without having the inevitable and very loud/dramatic sibling battle break out. It'd be mortifying to have that happen while on a potential sales call.

I wanted to find a way to kick things off without needing to do that yet. Something that would better be able to sell itself and help seed the user and customer base. I realized that if I removed the location requirement from Announcr and made it a bit more broad, then I would have a product that basically allows any group or organization to send out notifications. It could be self-service, and very easy to understand. This therefore is a simpler solution that builds well into the location-based business model, but doesn't require boots on the ground sales and marketing.

v1 of Announcr will be: Easy push notifications for groups.

So, cue the pivot music! It's unusual for me to pivot a solution so many times before releasing, and I don't like the stall, but I AM very glad that the pivots are towards simplicity. Gives me some really nice landing points later on to build into that are pretty well thought out. More importantly, this should give me the all-important means to go from zero to one given my current lack of time to work on Announcr.

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