October 15, 2019

Added the browser extension

Will Browning @willbrowning

When using AnonAddy you can create standard email aliases on the fly at your own unique username subdomain e.g *@johndoe.anonaddy.com (or .me).

However, many users prefer to use the UUID aliases that do not include any username information or link to ownership. These types of aliases cannot be created on the fly and must be generated beforehand.

I initially experimented with the idea of using a bookmarklet with a simple link to allow users to generate the aliases, however I quickly ran into CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) issues and realised this was not going to be possible.

This left a browser extension as the only viable way to generate UUID aliases remotely from the browser.

I built the browser extension using Vue.js and Tailwind, it was a great learning experience and I'm looking forwarding to adding more features to it down the line!