December 10, 2019

AnyDateTime App Official Launched!

Zac Kwan @Zaccc123

As a former engineer and now a product manager for a software company, very often certain system events like crashes or anomalies happen. We can pick up system date-time from logs or other monitoring tools.

We need to trace the root cause, therefore, we need to find out when it happens. However, it is difficult to know exactly when it happens from a system date-time. Sometimes we want to check the local date-time. Sometimes we want to know how long ago did this event happen. Sometimes we want to know the time base on the specific country.

I can only google and backward calculate it. I feel that I wasted enough time trying to figure out when exactly an event happen. Therefore, I built AnyDateTime. Now, I can simply paste any date time and get a list of results. I can easily identify the item I want and even copy it.

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