January 22, 2020

I beat my Product Hunt launch w/250 new installs

Ana K @anakravitz

This is a cool milestone for me.

Once upon a time, back in June 2019, I posted on Product Hunt about my then-new app API Connector (add-on that imports API data into Google Sheets).

I got a great response that resulted in 249 installations that week. This was huge compared to the two weeks before that, right after launch, where I got less than a third of that.

Sadly, the Product Hunt high didn't last...installations went back down again after that. But they've continued climbing incremementally, week by week, month by month. 7 months of organic growth later, I've now passed my initial Product Hunt numbers, with 250+ installations last week and similar numbers the week before.

I think these launch sites can be great for an initial boost of interest and getting some validation and enthusiasm. But that's it...in the long run it doesn't matter that much, and our products will succeed based on their merits and long-term marketing efforts.

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