January 6, 2020

New Apphud.com update is live!

Denis Minnetdinov @minnetdinov

Hey guys! Just found Indie Hackers and it looks promising! Will look around how might it be helpful for us.

2 days ago we released amazing new update at Apphud.com! We've rebuilt our Rules from scratch and made them much more flexible!

To cut it short, Rules is a way to:

  • win back lapsed customers in iOS apps;
  • reduce churn rate;
  • get cancellation insights;
  • understand your target audience and many more!

We also made major changes in Apphud visual editor, added localization and updated integrations setup UI.

More info can be found in our blog here: https://blog.apphud.com/update-0-11/

Stay tuned for updates!

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