August 16, 2019

Introducing the Startup 🚀 plan

Charles Szilagyi @thekarel

Up to this point, Appknobs operated with two usage plans: a free but quite limited one and a completely unlimited "Premium" one (currently at £29). When it comes to pricing, the service takes two resources into account: the number of applications (projects) the owner runs and the number of feature-flags assigned to these apps.

Based on market research, Appknob's unlimited plan offers enormous value compared to similar feature-flagging services, where monthly fees can easily reach several hundred (sometimes thousand) USD. Nevertheless, over time existing customers suggested that they might be paying for unused resources - also potential customers sometimes told me they found the price bit steep.

After considering resource usage, consulting with users, friends and fellow developers, it was clear that a new plan would make sense, priced somewhere between the two extremes.

The new plan, named Startup is available from today and it allows project owners to run a single application with an unlimited number of feature flags - for £6.00 / month. Hop over to for the full details.

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