October 17, 2019

hacked first webinar with 500+ Organic signups

Gvs Chaitanya @chaitanyagvs

Appknox used growth hacked first webinar by creating TOFU (600+MQL’s) for 65 days by sending Personalised emails and Automated Follow-ups based on Multiple decision points.

547 people register for webinar in less than a week
72 % open rates
42 % webinar conversion rates from registration-> Attendees
Emails sent- 2000
About Appknox

Our Goal

Build brand awareness for Appknox across security companies using a webinar by creating a community for Technology heads, security Researchers and CISO’s (Chief Information security officers) who are the decision-makers for implementing any security practices for SME’s and Enterprises to whom they can reach out Upsell Appknox product.

Its next to Impossible sell security tools unless you prove your strength in security, we want to use webinar as one of the possible lead magnets where we can show our strengths by Hacking into few of the apps live using open source tools.

While launching a webinar campaign, there were a few things that had to be considered:

  • Have a strong messaging Statement on value you’re going to provide for registrants
  • Reaching out to our existing customer lists
  • Enabling pre-webinar lead magnets across website, LinkedIn, Facebook etc
  • Reaching out to the right set of target audience
  • Cleaning your email Lists using Email verification tool /service.

Our Strategy

Since their target audience is key C-level executives and security researchers we want to build a hyper nurtured list and further them for webinar showing and identifying the right people for the webinar.

we have built multiple lists across various interests groups

  • Github (who have contributed in Security and Mobile security)
  • Identifying people who took courses in LinkedIn Learning
  • List of Existing customers and Churned customers
  • List of Free Trail users and people wanted extended free trial

When it comes to lemlist and the email outreach part
Appknox segmented outreach into multiple small segments of users with different messaging strategies for different persona’s like Existing customers, Free trail users , Github Contributors etc

Their Results Appknox has now built a TOFU prospects for 3 months to which they plan to upsell Security tool via Free Security Consultation without spending a $ on any kind of Acqusition

We have been able to see Amazing open rates with lemlist compared to other outreach tools, The zapper integration Lemlist had with Zapier was a saviour for sending data into Hubspot and assigning them a lead qualification stage and lead source

Tools Appknox used for outreach

  • Lemlist
  • Phantombuster
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • Wistia