October 9, 2019

Hit 6 Beta Customers!!!

Tyler Gillespie @tylerdgillespie

Upon launching one of my goals was to bring on a handful of beta customers to test my processes, refine onboarding and get some solid samples of what the end product will actually look like on the website. So far the reception of the service has been incredible. It really hits on not only a need businesses have but also something that has a clear ROI from an investment standpoint.

Currently, I have about 6 Beta customers trialing the service and excited to see how many of them convert into paid customers. It's a great win/win regardless because they get a free testimonial + I get to refine and fine-tune my operations to create an even better service. Additionally, I now actually have some amazing samples to leverage on the site which will help me grow moving forward.

I would be willing to extend the Beta Offer of 1 Free Testimonial if anyone else would be interested. Just comment on this update. My ideal customers are those in the B2B space.

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