December 2, 2019

Sent First Newsletter to 60+ subscribers

Syed Zoheb Ali @zsumair

Last week has been exciting for me. Launched and people are just loving it. In just 6 days 6000+ people have visited the site and 60+ have subscribed to it already. Most of the traffic is direct, which shows people are using it as a direct resource for React Components. It was trending top on r/reactjs with more than 340 upvotes on first day itself. TylerMcginnis listed it as a great resource for React Devs in his ReactJsNewsletter( and it was then listed on codrops( as well. Sent the very first newsletter today. Today i was approached for advertisement sponsorship as well. I want to scale it further, i have started offering Sponsorships as well. Looking forward to launch on ProductHunt this month, which will help in bringing more traffic. Exciting times ahead.

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