When I had the idea..

My summer begun, I've just finished the exams of the semester and I was thirsty. Thirsty to create.
In those days I was looking for a way to promote some old apps, to gain some installs, but as a student I couldn't afford a single penny for advertising.
So I started thinking.. and I realized that it was the moment.
Initially I thought AppSponsor.it as a simple promoting website, with a caotic home page based on a starter bootstrap template..
I left it in that status for 3 weeks, while I was trying to share it on socials.
Then I stopped. It wasn't working at all. It was slow, sluggish, low SEO, ecc. This is where I started studying.
I re-designed the whole website in 2 days, using a good css library;
I fixed some major SEO problems;
I re-targeted it as a platform to discover new apps and improve content visibility for free;

All this took me a whole week of work and analysis.
But it kinda worked.

People started to like it and for me, a simple CS student that just wanted to fill its spare time, well, it felt so good

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