August 23, 2019

Launched v1 of Arrows Outreach!

Daniel Zarick @danielzarick

Honestly it'd take a long time to explain how we got to where we are, but long story short we launched a new tool today!

It's called Arrows Outreach, and it's the easiest way to e-mail a list of people.

When we talked to customers everyone had lists like this floating around—people they had been meaning to reach out to, customers they had been meaning to contact, press they want to share their story with, etc.

Most people kept these lists in a spreadsheet, Airtable, etc. We've had our own lists as well: Daniel was trying to sell an app he worked on called Housecraft, and Benedict had emailed hundreds of press contacts when he helped release the indie video game TumbleSeed.

But both of us used spreadsheets and the error-prone process of copy+pasting emails and messages between a bunch of different apps to do this.

Arrows Outreach makes this whole process a snap. Upload a CSV and you'll receive emails with pre-filled drafts that you can send in a snap. Receive these drafts at whatever cadence you like, and start mailing the emails you know you should be sending.

We're taking a swiss-army-knife approach to Arrows, and are trying to build small tools like this that help people get their communication done.

What tasks are you working on that a CRM is too bloated for, but you want to be easier?

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