September 27, 2020

Minimum Viable Demo is Live

Michael Needle @mikeneedle

After several months of very part time work I have the demo live at Artwerks is an AI driven art discovery platform. The demo is a short intro to what art collectors will experience when they use the platform to find new art. I used well known art in the public domain for the demo, so there are only a few pieces.

Now that the demo is live, I plan to reach out to artists that I have connect with on Instagram to get their initial feedback and see if they want to serve as beta testers. I've spent the past couple of months sharing art on behalf of artists, so hopefully that earns me a little bit of goodwill with them.

I'd welcome any feedback.

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    This is a cool idea - just signed up. A couple of thoughts:

    • Maybe you could put some context around the survey questions? I was a bit surprised to be confronted with a g*ddamn Degas and 'Dislike' or 'Like'. I mean, 'dislike' is a pretty strong word for art to me, and I'm not quite sure what kind of opinion you're trying to solicit here.

    • I'm happy to help with fixing typos if that's useful for you.

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      Hey! First thank you for the feedback! Ha, yes, I'd have to agree that it can be hard to say like or dislike. Maybe a future version can show two side by side and you pick which one you prefer, but that might not work as well on mobile.

      With the survey questions - I guess one thing I'm trying to get better at is succinctly describing what the product is (I'm in the middle of April Dunfords book now, but not far enough along to really get it yet). I do plan on a re-do of the landing page to help with positioning and making it appear a bit more professional. I just threw something up to get an initial description out there. Any thoughts on how you would describe the idea to a friend would be very helpful.

      I'd love any help fixing typos (my parents actually caught one, which is laughable because I'm a 40 year old professional, but hey, nobody is perfect).

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        Sure thing. Shall I email you with a list?

        I think this is a really cool product and there's plenty to talk about.

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          Absolutely! The best email would just be [email protected]. FWIW I revamped the landing page yesterday a bit by installing a new theme (with some javascript issues to still be worked out), but reviewing that would be very helpful. Would love any other feedback you might have.