December 11, 2019

SAAS attempt 2, landing page up!

Mahesh J @maheshj

2 years is a long time to not be able to build something. That's been the journey so far for Asmi.

I started this back in 2017 with another name Golden Hour ( with the idea of building a CLI based app for freelancers to manage their time and money.

I built a decent list of 100 beta subscribers, which of course never got released.

It was supposed to have a ton of features like automatic time tracking, multi currency money management, invoicing, bandwidth management, etc. Building a CLI app proved to be more difficult than I thought and my interest died down gradually.

After a long break and multiple failed attempts to get back at it, I finally paired up with my close friend in early 2019 to see it through.

We got a new name and domain, did a lot of research, came up with the overall vision statement for what we wanted the platform to be.

But translating that vision into a comprehensive design proved to be a big challenge. After spending months on design and going nowhere, we decided that it'd be best to start small and push something out as quickly as we can.

We want to try and build this in the open and this post marks our first milestone.

Here's our landing page -

Any feedback before we deploy it on our main domain?

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