Released the Ghost Themes Bundle

After going non-exclusive on ThemeForest, I created the Ghost Themes Bundle which contains 8 of Ghost themes. Going non-exclusive means that ThemeForest will take a big amount of commission for every sale I do there, also this will apply to my account as I can't select which products to be exclusive and others to be none-exclusive but I hope that selling themes on my website will make a balance between the two. One of the advantages of selling on my website using Gumroad is that I can provide different packages, discount codes and know my customers well.


Update: Added to Product Hunt https://www.producthunt.com/posts/ghost-cms-themes-bundle

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    Hi Ahmad,

    Nice work! I used to do themes many years back for a CMS product (they had their own store section).

    How has your experience been with ThemeForest?

    I think the main problem with Gumroad is around discovery. Any thoughts on how to get your product in front of customers when using Gumroad?


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      Thank you, Santosh!

      I had no issue with ThemeForest and I will continue using them as non-exclusive if things go well. The main advantage of ThemeForest comes from traffic. A downside is that you can find yourself competing with other people who decided to sell at a very lower price in a small market share. I don't want to compete on price as I spend a lot of time working on the themes and I expect a good competition so I decided to go non-exclusive at the moment.

      I use Gumroad only as a payment tool. People can buy the themes from my website so it's the front gate for customers.

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        Absolutely. Getting your product in front of customers via. Themeforest or other markets is key as I see it.

        Nice work with your themes. Let me see if I can make one of my clients buy one :-)

        Do you use FB ads etc to drive traffic your website?

        If it helps, take a look at Creative Tim, I bought their bundle recently. It's quite good for me and I think it works pretty well for them.

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          No, I don't use FB or any ads, just organic traffic.

          You are very kind, thank you for your support :)

          Just checked Creative Tim, very nice work and a good example to learn from.

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    Congrats Ahmad. These are dope. I've been looking for designs similar to these. Card-style and optimized for email subscriptions.

    Quick question: In Ghost, how do you hide an element? Such as post date. WordPress has an additional CSS feature. But I've struggled to find something similar in Ghost.

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      Thank you so much, Dru!

      Yes, you can use the Code Injection option from the Ghost admin to add custom CSS or JS code. Code Injection is available as an option for every post or as a site-wide global option.

      More info:


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        Thanks so much! You're doing great work.

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    Very nice! I hate ThemeForest and I didn’t even know they took draconian commissions. Now I hate them even more.
    In your experience how many people choose Ghost over WordPress? Do you think it’s going to keep growing at this rate?

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      Thank you!

      WP is offering many things compared to Ghost which focuses only on the blogging part. I find the demand is larger for WP as the market is very large. Ghost is doing a very well job about blogs and I find many people start to use it due its simplicity and speed.

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      Why do you hate TF? Just wondering

      I've no opinion except that I find the options there overwhelming :-)

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    Good luck with your theme bundle. I also use Gumroad. I really like their simple, slick sales funnel and checkout process.

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      Thanks so much! Totally agree.

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    I was actually on TF the other day looking for a ghost blog theme. I wanted a lighter weight cms, so was looking at ghost. Just wondering, but why would someone need a bundle of blog themes? What I could really use is a landing page theme, blog theme, and documentation theme tied together. That would be a great bundle.

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      That's a good point!

      I had many customers who bought many themes for different blogs. Sometimes they are freelancers or they use it for personal different blogs. Also, some customers return back to buy a newly released theme so they can refresh the blog design. So I thought about creating a bundle for such cases and future themes will be also added to the bundle.

      Also, the bundle license will enable the purchaser to use the themes with unlimited blogs. So, instead of purchasing a single theme with a single website license, the bundle will be a good option with different designs to choose from.

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