September 8, 2019

Idea and name

James C @jmscws

For many years I thought about what I could do to set-up my own "thing". I cycled through all sorts of ideas, mainly in the form of selling widgets or blogging, but none of my ideas had the potential to bring me satisfaction and fulfil my purpose.

I knew I wanted to help businesses in some way. I studied Internet Technology at uni, worked as a web developer, transitioned into government working in infrastructure management and during the past few years took on a role as a board member. I felt their was a way I could bring all of that together in some way.

I thought I'd run a blog blogging about good business practices, analysing what makes some companies successful to inspire other people with ideas so that they could apply similar practices in their businesses, but I realised I wouldn't be solving any real problems by doing that.

Then I started ruminating on the saying "what gets measured gets managed".

Shortly after this and in part prompted by a problem I identified in my day-job, I had the idea for Assessity.

The name Assessity is the amalgamation of "assessment" and "necessity".

On 13 August 2018 I registered the .com name.

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  • First 100 users!
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  • First paying customer!
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