September 8, 2019

Two month progress update

James C @jmscws

I'd kept my side-project under wraps until the launch of the MVP. After the launch, colleagues, friends and family were really keen to learn more (most had no idea about it). Their support and enthusiasm has been motivating.

When other people refer to Assessity as my "business", I still feel a bit awkward, but that's exactly what it is and the awkwardness helps me to re-focus on my vision to help all organisations in their pursuit of success.

I can confirm that "build it and they will come" is definitely NOT the case, particularly something like Assessity that is focused on business capability and maturity; if anything people want to run a mile from having to do maturity assessments because they can be time consuming and boring (clearly there's an opportunity there for me)!

Lessons learnt so far:

  • Work out who and what type of people will be your customer.
  • Paid advertising is not a panacea.
  • Face-to-face works REALLY WELL; being able to talk about the product directly with people means I get to see instantly if they 'get it' from the look in their eye and the questions they ask. I also get to inspire them with my story.


  • 10 real people have registered.
  • Extremely positive feedback from potential customers who absolutely see the benefit of what I'm promoting.
  • As an eater of my own dog food I've made some important feature improvements to the platform. The time taken doing this has taken away from marketing and content production efforts, but the features added significant value and give me more benefits to promote.
  • I need to create more content targeted at potential customers to keep front of mind and add value for them; just promoting my platform is boring (for them and me).
  • I've found Indie Hackers and started listening to the podcasts - it seems to be a priceless resource.


  • Set-up an email subscriber list (inspired by podcast #115).
  • Get to 20 registrations.
  • Develop marketing plan.
Today's Top Milestones
  • $1,054 in sales in 24 hours
    We have implemented our payment method last week on Dorik and got 8 paid customers in the first week. But we have received some re
  • Gradient Color Generator
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  • Scratched my own itch:Beta launch
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  • We Are Hosting A Self Advocacy webinar
    We are hosting Interview Negotiation and Self Advocacy webinar. Would you like to attend?
  • Launched on ProductHunt!
    SZ Project Tracker has launched on ProductHunt! It's a project that I originally built for myself
  • Crossed 200$ in total sales
    I was able to touch the 200$ mark yesterday by a connection on twitter who had issues with his ad campaigns reaching out to me. I helped him understan
  • Took a break in publishing for reevaluation
    I have paused publishing content for 2 months and ads revenue stayed almost the same during this time. Now it is a good time to reevaluate revenue str
  • Released V1 to the iOS App Store
    I started working on the app in 2018 as a side project to continue to refine my software engineering skills and create a tool for handstands. Why I bu
  • SEO is back on track & breaking revenue records
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  • Complete 180 in how the process works.
    Before I was focusing on making content into shareable images but after having discussions with writers and doing some research into how authors are u