August 17, 2019

Decided to work on Assistable

Adam Sculthorpe @Assistable

I've wanted to build a marketplace like this for a long time but put it off for many reasons, not least of which being I know how difficult it will be to compete in this space.

However, two things spurred me into action, the first was a Tweet by Paul Graham about how he'd like to see something to help stay at home moms.

But the thing that really got me fired up the most was watching a BBC documentary by journalist Ellie Flynn about stay at home moms being exploited by MLM companies, it sickened me and I just knew my ideas about building a marketplace differently could create a better alternative for them, and it viscerally feels like a problem worth working on.

I did a lot of research and in-depth competitive analysis on the well-established competitors and realized there are some huge weaknesses in their platforms and some massive gaps and opportunities in the remote working space and decided to go ahead with the idea of "Assistable? We can help!".

Here's a video about the BBC documentary by Ellie Flynn:

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