November 20, 2019

Raised a pre-seed from Slow Ventures

Gil Akos @gilakos

Engaged 100 investors, slogged through the process, and secured $1.5m.


We are proud to be a part of the next wave of fintech and we’ve spent the last year building the core functionality for the Astra platform. Today, you can use the Astra app to set up automation routines for your finances that will process a transfer or send you notification based on the settings or triggers you specify. We’ve helped thousands of users automatically transfer funds between their accounts and we are just getting started!

We are also excited to be joined on our mission by an amazing group of investors. Today our company is announcing that we have raised $1.5m led by Will Quist at Slow Ventures, with participation from fintech founders Jake Gibson (Nerdwallet) and Louis Beryl (Earnest) as well as Johnny Ayers (Socure), Tommy Leep (Jetstream), Yardley Pohl (Women in Product), Hustle Fund, and Alumni Ventures Group.

This funding will enable us to expand the Astra platform by developing more routines and utilizing a broader set of transfer types. Along with our existing partners at Plaid and Dwolla, we have a number of exciting partnerships in the works to enable faster transfer speeds and to move money in more ways, all on our users’ behalf.

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