October 18, 2020

Created a promo video to prepare for Product Hunt

Scott Ramsay @scottramsay


I made a 1 minute (ish) promo to use for my product hunt launch next week. I always think it's good to have a brief overview of your product as everyones time and attention span is short.

Hopefully it's clear enough from the video what we do :)

The video was made by myself with the following tools:

  • Rotato (For the awesome 3d renders)
  • Davinci resolve (An awesome free tool to edit)
  • Creative Commons track.
  • Coffee
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    @scottramsay I just watched the video. Looks great! In fact, I think I could use your product for my company loupdb.com.

    With that being said, I didn't know what your product was until I read the description in youtube.

    Just a thought, but you might want to highlight the feature set via words a little better.

    PS: I like how you explain the product on our landing page.

    1. 1

      Hey @Squb! Thanks for the feedback :) Welcome to give it a try for Loupdb, any questions drop me an email.

      Hmm good to know! Maybe I need to add something at the start to explain quickly what it does, like the landing page intro. Thanks so much 🙏

  2. 2

    Really cool! I've to be honest, I kinda did get through the video what Astrola does, but I wasn't 100% sure until I read the YouTube description.

    1. 1

      Hey @mrdobelina, thanks! Had a few people say that, so going to amend I think so it's a bit clearer at the start. Thanks for the feedback :)

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    Wow, I really love Astrola's landing page! It's so freaking professional and sleep, great job! Please let me know when you launch on PH, I'd love to give you an upvote!

    1. 1

      Thanks @steventey! I will do cheers 🙌

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    Nice demo! Love the 3D perspective on your website :D

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    This is dope - I need a video like this for my HubSpot website theme. The 3D perspectives are a really nice subtle enhancement. Thanks for posting.

    1. 1

      Thanks @daveroma! I had no idea you could do that with HubSpot, impressive! Yeah, Rotato is great. Takes a while to get used to it, but very powerful.

  6. 1

    I would recommend keeping it under 1 minute. Ideally, 30 secs.

    What is coffee? How did you find the creative commons track?

    1. 2

      Hey, I understand the need to keep it short. At that length I'm not sure I'd be able to fit in all our major features. Coffee is literally coffee you drink hehe. Just have a search on Google for Creative Commons music, there's plenty out there :)

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    Looks great :)

    Was just looking for a knowledge base product!

    1. 1

      Nice one! We do so much more as well :) Any questions give me a shout.

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    Looks really nice and professional- the only comment is, I think it should be kept under 1 minute. when you said short attention span... it's an underestimation. I personally felt the urge to skip after about 40 seconds, which I think is the same as the goldfish attention of people browsing on PH. I would probably break up a bit the scenes with some attention grabbers- change screen dynamic, speed, color, have some pop-ups, cuts in the edits, anything- so you prolongue the attention span.

    1. 2

      Good feedback! I'll see what I can do. It's not always that easy when syncing with the beat of a track. Thanks though, will take note :)

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        no worries! good luck! and let us know when you've launched so we can upvote that bad boy

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          Thank you! Will do haha 🙏