November 21, 2019

Got featured in a popular Vue.js newsletter

Cooper @cooperaustinj was started as a way to help me write down interesting things I've learned.

Recently, one of my articles written about using Vue.Observable as a lighterweight alternative to Vuex took off on and Google. I was getting a decent amount of traffic (at least relative to the usual of none). The article is here if you're at all interested:

I also realized that I had about 30 people who signed up to my mailing list on the site (to be notified about new posts). I never set up a welcome message to be automatically sent to new subscribers via MailChimp, so I scrambled to get that set up.

I hadn't set up email hosting for yet, so I had to figure out something cheap to use. I didn't want to pay monthly for a whole bunch of features like G-Suite or Office365. Google searches pointed me to many Reddit posts of people recommending MXRoute. That looked simple enough and there was even a coupon code for 50% off. That brought the total monthly cost to about $1.67 or $20 for the year. Setting up MXRoute was really simple as well, so I'd definitely recommend it even at full price.

Now a few days later, I get an email letting me know that article is being featured in a popular Vue newsletter called "Vue.js Developers Newsletter" by Even better, my article is the first one in the list!

This is all very interesting to me, as I feel like I just got lucky. I suppose time will tell whether I'll be able to have more success with future articles or not.

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  • Launched the newsletter!
    The first weeks of the blog have been great! Got close to 1k unique visitors with more than 2 minutes of average retention time. All organic, not paid
  • New CrispPost app mock-ups
    Been a busy last few weeks. I've started talking to some potential customers to get a sense of what their needs are and what tools they currently use.
  • 🎉 Launched v2 of Hallway on ProductHunt!
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  • #1 on Reddit, & Posting on Product Hunt
    Today I posted a short video preview of a small feature I added to Keyframes - it uses your device's orientation sensors to adjust the CSS box shadow.