August 14, 2020

First Annual Plan Subscriber!

Jamie McGregor @JamieMcGregor

I was feeling good about AutoDeleteTweets after I had two subscribers to the monthly plan.

Well, now I'm feeling even better as I have the first subscriber to the annual plan!

When I originally added the annual plan, I went for the usual method of taking two months off of the cost (i.e. monthly cost x 10). So the cost was $120 per year.

I then decided to change tactic and take a slightly more aggressive approach to the annual plan - I made it $99 for the year (a number picked out of thin air to be honest 🙂). It still feels like a nice lump sum of money from my perspective and it's surely quite difficult to turn down - saving $45 from the total price of $144 if you go monthly.

Now, hopefully I can get a bit more throughput so I can draw accurate conclusions from the pricing!

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