September 8, 2019

First Major Update and First Users

Jim Pusateri @jpusateri

AutomatedAPI just experienced the first major update to services. Not only is it running and generating code, database, and hosted environments from data definitions, it is now doing so with support for more HTTP verbs, with more self descriptive models, and with simple better REST compliance. And with much better code quality to boot.

There was somewhat of a headache when I realized the platform I'm built on (Azure) actively prevents one thing I rather liked, but I was able to to find a workable compromise in a matter of minutes.

So, I'm sending out an update shortly to the 9 signups I've had (none paying yet), and going pedal to the metal on content creation and documentation so other devs can actually use it.

All in, I'm calling it a win.

And if anyone is interested, here's a link to a postman collection I put together for testing.

Postman Demo

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