Yet another reason to dogfood your own apps

Just found and fixed a bug. Users don't always communicate well (or at all in some cases), so building things on your own platform is a damn good way to find stuff you should have fixed weeks ago but only now had the chance to see.

Oh, and if you have to frame out code in your dogfooding efforts just to scaffold in your actual service calls, think about open sourcing or at least making those tools public. Just sayin.

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    Full Story also helps here to see how your users behave.

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      This. I have learned a lot with the help of Fullstory and hotjar.

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    For us, tools like Bugsnag help a lot (a lot of alternative bug trackers like Sentry or Rollbar) which have all the request details and help to reproduce the issue exactly. Of course, there are some 5-10% edge-case situations which are only on user's side and you never catch them.

    Open sourcing and making it public only helps if you have enough people that would actually use them.

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      Bugsnag looks interesting, hadn't looked into that one previously. And definitely on point with the open sourcing note.

      I'm actually putting this little library out there as much to help me as to maybe help other folks. I keep meaning to put something out there, but committing to doing so publicly is part of an effort to actually put it together for myself.

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