April 6, 2020

First 10 subscribers

Arne Wolfewicz @ajascha

It doesn't sound like a lot but the only marketing I have done so far was through a post of Reddit and here. Thanks for the kind support y'all!

Once I have a bit of material in the backlog and a few speakers in the pipeline, I will be ramping things up a bit and see how far I can get. This is all new to me and I know that I will go nuts when my subs hit 3 digits...

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached 100 YouTube Channel Subscribers
    There are a few targets I had in mind when I started posting updates for my one hour saas challenge. Some of them are dictated by YouTube itself. 100
  • Launched on ProductHunt
    I just submitted the site to Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/maker-reads I have zero experience with project launched and hence tried
  • Launched v1 of TeleRetro 🚀
    2020 has never been the year that anyone planned for. For me, my plan of building and growing my product was unfortunately slowed down by the pandemic
  • First organic shoutout from a sub + 339 subs now.
    Michael Brenner wrote an article based on some of the information we shared in the newsletter and, within the article, he recommended his readers sign
  • Product Hunt Launch! Today's the day.
    After a year in Beta, fixing bugs, adding features and polishing the UX/UI, I finally launched a stable release of Colofon.io. I added the non-fiction
  • We've launched Songcrder on ProductHunt!
    We've launched Songcrder on ProductHunt! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/songcorder . The easiest and best-sounding way to convert vinyl records int
  • More features 💪🤓
    Tie Tracker is a simple, open source and free time tracking app ⏱️ I developed it to improve my React skills and to help me in my day to day freelance
  • Crossed $300 MRR
    Just crossed $300 MRR. Kinda wild that if I take a one month holiday today, I will still get ~$300 in bank next month 😅 Also proud that 99% of Septem
  • $MPH Lists on Gate.io
    We are proud to follow up our DEX listing with a centralized listing on Gate.io. Users will now be able to trade MPH tokens on Gate.io against ETH and
  • Now you can land on our landing page 🚀
    Just completed our landing page you can now land on [Alpodo] (https://www.alpodo.com) also we started taking registration with a 25% discount on our a