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Automation has been a big topic for years already. However, many businesses are struggling with getting value out of it and there is not so much neutral content out there. So I decided to build a show around it!

July 13, 2020 Published first 6 episodes

Last week, I published the 6th episode of Automation Masters and I am quite happy with how the project is going so far. I was able to consistently put new content out every two weeks, which is in part due to the fact that I had built a healthy backlog early on.

I am currently re-evaluating how to proceed with this, mainly because it is time-consuming and still runs at a loss with all the expenses that occur.

That said, I am still learning new things from my guests and networking is a nice side-effect. But the most important aspect is that I am pushing my own edge with this. This is my first public project and I can see progress – except for the sound quality in the last episode.

There are two main takeaways at this point:

  1. Getting guests is fairly easy. People are generally willing to hop on a podcast with you because content is king but generally expensive to produce. On top, podcasts are high up in the credibility chain as the spoken word cannot be faked or altered in the same way a guest blog post can.
  2. Pick guests with large audiences to tap into their network. Big fish are much harder to get by and you may have to move up the ladder here but if you write 5 emails and win one, that's likely worth the effort.

For anyone considering to launch a podcast, I recommend spending more time on evaluating the market at the beginning: How many people are interested in it? Who are the true thought leaders in that space and are you able to connect with them? What topics are others talking about and how can you add to that?

April 13, 2020 Finished my first interview

Today I edited my first podcast episode together with fellow Indie Hacker @djon who actually found me through this post and was spontaneous enough to hop on an episode with me.
It was a really cool experience overall and I can't thank him enough for getting me off the ground. I must say that I totally underestimated the post-production piece of it but my big hope is that this will gradually improve as my conversation skills increase. For anyone thinking about doing a podcast: It is entirely doable from a technical standpoint to get from idea to the first episode online (and subscribers!) within less than three weeks!

April 8, 2020 Launched first episode

Over the weekend, my mind went full speed to find reasons why I shouldn’t be making this podcast at all. That’s what it always does when I am about to do something new but this time persistence won the battle. The first episode is out and even though it’s just a teaser, it is what I needed to get things going. What a rush when I first saw it on Spotify and when I hit submit in Mailchimp in order to inform my subscribers. It even made it to my girlfriend’s spam folder, that’s almost a milestone on its own.

Anyway, here it is! Now I’m just hoping that episodes can be edited after they have been published but I’ll do that tomorrow...

April 6, 2020 First 10 subscribers

It doesn't sound like a lot but the only marketing I have done so far was through a post of Reddit and here. Thanks for the kind support y'all!

Once I have a bit of material in the backlog and a few speakers in the pipeline, I will be ramping things up a bit and see how far I can get. This is all new to me and I know that I will go nuts when my subs hit 3 digits...

April 5, 2020 Found amazing tools

I am glad that I spent a few days thinking about the strategy and process behind the show. This project is obviously nothing more than a side project and will be for a long time (possibly forever) and therefore all time savings are highly welcome.
The stack will roughly look as follows:

  • Transistor for content hosting, distribution, and initial website
  • Mailchimp for email subscriptions (integration with Transistor 🥳)
  • Descript for editing & automatic transcription (there is another great tool for transcripts called Otter AI)
  • Basic microphone to start with (Samson Q2U, pretty much standard)
March 29, 2020 Got inspired by Dave Gerhardt's Tweet

Dave triggered me: why not start a podcast? The idea of having a podcast is one thing – building it is another. But when I read his post I figured that it couldn't be that hard to get off the ground. To my surprise, there was no alternative on the market – and certainly not what I had in mind. So I fired up Notion and started writing down ideas.


Automation has been a big topic for years already. However, many businesses are struggling with getting value out of it and there is not so much neutral content out there. So I decided to build a show around it!