Stayed on Hacker News front page for 14 hours!

I submitted to HackerNews following the advice from Pieter Levels makebook.io - and stayed around to reply to the comments and because my project is literally "Hacker News for automotive industry" it created a lot of debate. I've stayed on the front page for 14 hours.


  • 12k+ unique visitors in 24 hours
  • 35 new registered users
  • 62 new newsletter subscribers


  1. 1

    whoot! that always feels good! i remember that... a few times. but, it didn't always convert, sadly.

    but... feels great! congrats! did it help you sell more?

    1. 2

      Heya, thanks! Yeah, it felt great, it suddenly gave me a confidence boost, cause I was already losing the motivation a bit :/ i do not have any monetisation in place yet, so nope it did not sell anything basically, but i'm aiming to add sponsored posts to newsletter so in that terms it helped a bit.

      What projects have you already launched on HN?

      1. 1

        oh, i've been around for a while...

        here's one: https://john.do/fp-hn/

        1. 2

          sweet! very nice. is there any project of yours that allowed you to actually quit your job? or that helped you "win the internet" ? ;)

          1. 1

            uh, yeah. i'm running a company now. lol.

            but, this one was awesome: https://john.do/desk-best-app/

            2 years in a row.

            1. 2

              Lol. Pretty sweet! Well done! ;)

  2. 1

    That's awesome, well done! What time of the day did you post?

    1. 1

      Hi SkyLinx,

      It was around 6pm Central European time. I've launched on ProductHunt earlier that day (1 am San Francisco time) and the plan was to launch on HN week later. But because ProductHunt was not getting too much traction I decided to launch on HN too hoping some of the people would upvote PH too.

      HN was wild, I've got about 12k unique visitors within 24 hours, 60 new subscribers and 30 people registered account. Now the traffic is very low, around 50 visitors a day, but steady. So I'm looking for another ways to boost the traffic. Any suggestions? ;)

      1. 1

        Interesting, so HN worked better for you than PH

        1. 1

          Yeah, absolutely. It's probably also because my post was literally: "I've built Hacker News for automotive industry" which created a passionate debate among long time HN members.

  3. 1

    If anyone interested in details, just ping me a message on Twitter @trizo_za

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