October 15, 2019

Launched Avion on Product Hunt

James Sear @jpsear

This last week has been a roller coaster ride of todo lists and Trello tasks — prepping images, proof reading, contacting people and much more. Last night was a restless night's sleep!

However, as a result, today we got launched on Product Hunt!

This does feel like a really big milestone for us. Ultimately, we are just two guys building some software (and a business) and enjoying the ride.

I would love any feedback or questions (on anything). I'm here all day, so if you have any comments, fire away :)


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    Looks like an awesome product dude. And also the landing page is beautiful!

    1. 2

      Ah thanks Alan. Just realised that I was checking out your product site for TrackMyLift just the other day! Good job man 👍

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        Aw thank you dude appreciate it. Did you come across it on here just?

        And no problem - Looks amazing. No doubt it's gonna do well. 💪🏻

        1. 1

          You know what — I genuinely can't remember where I saw it! Could have been here on IH...

          Good luck with it 👌

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    Avion looks awesome! I usually use Trello to manage our product backlog, but it definitely lacks a "view" in context of the product. We'll get it a try. Thanks for sharing!

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      Hell yeah! We do love Trello as well though... The tools work nicely together :)

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    @jpsear love the product. I'm going to suggest it to my previous two agencies with whom I worked with.

    Planning to add Github integration anytime? Also the intro video is a tad fast. Overall great work man.

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      Ah wow thanks man!

      Yep GitHub is already underway.

      A few people have mentioned the video speed now. Deffo something to learn for our next video.

      Please shout if any of your previous colleagues want a demo/chat with me. More than happy to talk them through it.

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    Seriously impressive video! You have done an amazing job with that. All teh best on the launch bro 👍

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    Wish you guys the best of luck — will share Avion at my workplace and maybe use it for my next project!

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    Upvoted since I'm a big fan of Avion and I'm using it for my products story mapping! Congrats !

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      Excellent! Thanks guys

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    Woah! That looks seriously impressive. Love the video you guys put together. Good luck today :)

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      Cheers David. We made the video ourselves, startup styley!

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    Looks promising! good luck buddy

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    Great stuff! Hope it all goes well — Avion looks like a great product :)

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      Very kind, thank you ✌️

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    This product concept is awesome!!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Hero! Thank you so much!

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          Got it Toni, thanks 👌