100 active installations 🎉🥑

Not even two weeks after our launch of Our app Avocation on Android and iOS reached the first 100 active installations yesterday! 💪

This was the first big milestone we had after launching our MVP. It was already a lot of hard work, because only the first 20 installations came from family and friends, so we acquired around 80 users who do not know us! Pretty cool for us is the fact that these users come from 36 different countries around the world! 🌍

We also already got one paying member and one In-App donation, but both are from people we know personally who want to support us. This is awesome but getting the first paying user we do not know will be a bigger milestone for us!

Our next milestone is a bigger update which addresses a lot of the feedback we got which I will work on next week and preparing our launch on ProductHunt to reach more users. Also we want to try and measure the effectiveness of paid marketing options. This is all still completely new to us so it’s a lot of trying things and see what works. I am writing down everything I am currently learning about marketing and I will publish this in a blog post when the time is right 🙌

We are both super excited about the new year and we are super determined to help as much people as possible out there 🌱

If you haven’t checked out habit development app “Avocation”, make sure to give it a try! It’s available on iOS and Android for free 🙌

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    Strong work! The preview images on the App Store look great! Is it true there's no website yet? Your IH profile links back to indiehackers.com.

    Of the 20 friends/family you had install the app, can you convince any number of them to leave reviews? As a consumer, I find review-less apps to be lost causes/abandoned. Getting it that up front 'boost' may make the difference!

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      Thank you 🙇‍♂️
      Oh the IH link was indeed broken, thanks for mentioning that! Currently we only have direct links to the stores, since we are still working on the actual landing page.

      Getting more reviews is definitely something really important, I will follow up on some people and ask them for reviews 🙌 Also I will add a dialog in the app to give a rating after the user used the app for some days.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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        You probably have an account (or three) that you can submit a rating from, don't you?

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    Did they find your app organically or did you do any outreach outside of your circle for friends?

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      I did a lot of outreach on Twitter. Basically I was looking for some keywords that fit Avocation and suggest people to give it a try. Thats a lot of manual work but worked pretty good for now.

      After this milestone we tried some small paid marketing with Apple Search Ads and Google Ads. With the Google Ads we could reach a lot of people in a very short time, but we only tried it with a very limited budget yet.

      We want to do more marketing by writing articles that are based on the articles in our app to promote it further, but we have a lot to do before tackling this 😅

      Currently we are getting around 5-10 installs a day if we don’t promote it anywhere actively, which is already quite nice for now

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        Smart. I'm doing the same thing with Twitter.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      We are still working on the landing page! We have a very clear idea already but it requires more work since we will do a lot with animations 💫

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        I respect wanting to wow visitors with animations.

        Don't forget that a website with a few paragraphs of text and some screenshots is infinitely better than a 'Coming soon...' one-liner, and it takes copy/pasting info already on the App store.

        I bet you you can achieve that in 30min flat - I say check that off today and then refocus on animations.

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          Very good point, I will make sure to tick this off asap. 🙌

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            Once your website is done, be sure to get in a good marketing routine to continuously acquire new users. The day you finish those great animations, you need more people to see them!

            1. Experiment a new audience to capture
            2. Validate it
            3. Create the content on your website
            4. Promote it
            5. Measure it


            Congrats with the launch and godspeed to prosperity in the new year!

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