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We built Avocation because we struggled, like a lot of people, with building new habits. Not satisfied by the current apps out there we decided to built something which is motivating and educating people in a fun way.

September 2, 2020 Started working Full-Time on our App!

The last 6 months were pretty crazy for us. While the world around us was getting crazier day by day, we helped people around the world with our app Avocation to give them a bit of normality back.

To be honest when we started with this project we had no idea how much we can change with it. After some time we got feedback from people who thanked us because the app helped them with their depression or ADHD! Thousands of people work now every with Avocation on their habits for a better life!

I had this dream to found a company someday for a long time already but I never wanted to start a company just for the sake of being an entrepreneur.

But now the time is perfect so me and Daria decided to finally work on this dream! Together we founded our company mindvoll.com!

With Mindvoll we have a very clear goal: Help people to become the best version of themselves. Our products should support everyone and make the process easier and enjoyable. This is what we work for everyday now!

July 13, 2020 Got featured by Apple in 112 countries

It's been a while since I shared a milestone on IH but it hast been quite a journey!

The last time I posted was for our first 13 paid users and 1500 downloads. Back than this was quite amazing but we put in a lot of work and achieved something incredible.

By now we have around 250.000 downloads worldwide and we are closing in on our first 1.000 active paid users!! 🤯

End of Feburary we got featured the first time by Apple in Canada and South Korea in a small sub-category. To be honest, we were super excited about this but quickly disappointed. The conversion was super low and we didn't even get a lot of downloads. Probably this was because we were hidden away in the sub-category and also we didn't have translations for Korean.

After that I focused a solid two months on marketing Avocation and building organic traffic. I summarised everything I've learned in this post I published a few weeks ago: https://medium.com/better-marketing/how-i-scaled-our-app-from-0-to-100000-downloads-7b88e5bce354?source=friends_link&sk=b177b66cf4922b1c5e20b4d595f7396e

Fast forward a couple months we managed to grow Avocation a lot! We currently get around 4000-5000 downloads a day just by being ranked very high in the Play Store and App Store for our most important keywords.

In addition to that Apple reached out to us and is helping us improving our app by providing valuable feedback based on their huge knowledge about what works in apps and what doesn't work.

Two weeks ago I reached out to Apple again and gave them a notice that we added six new translations to Avocation to make it accessible to even more users!

And last Friday we got the notice that we got featured in 112 countries around the world in the category "Apps We Love Right Now"!!

Of course our downloads skyrocketed again in the last couple days, which is simply incredible.

When we started working on Avocation a year ago, we would have never dreamed of what we are currently achieving. It literally changed our lives in just six months after release... 🎉

January 30, 2020 13 paid users & 1500 downloads!

Just one month ago we published our latest milestone for Avocation which was 100 downloads.

Little did we know that just one month later we would increase that number by 15 times and find our first paid users as well!

It's been an awesome month. We got a lot of feedback and published our first update after release (second coming this week).

We got a lot of feedback 🙇‍♂️
We got a lot of nice words 💫
We got our first one star review 😅

Around 150-200 people use Avocation now every day (this is just users that come back, not including new ones), which I think is incredible.

If you would have told me that we would have 13 paid users by now I would have said you are crazy.

Currently we have 8 users on our monthly plan and 5 on our yearly plan. I am especially happy about the users on the yearly plan because it tells us that people are committed to use the app for a longer time, just some days after checking it out for the first time.

We are super excited about the future and we hope we can continue that growth in the upcoming months!

If you haven't checked Avocation out yet, make sure to do so! We help you in your habit development journey.

January 22, 2020 Reddit loves our App!

On Sunday I was casually browsing through r/reactnative when I figured out that people actually share their apps there.

So I thought, why not try and share Avocation there as well. I might get some more downloads?


Well we didn't expect this.

When I woke up the next morning and checked my App statistics I saw around 100 new installations over night! I checked Reddit and the post already had almost a hundred upvotes and a lot of people sharing nice feedback in there.

In the end this one little post gained around 200 upvotes and brought as approximately 350 downloads (distributed equally between iOS and Android) which is crazy for us, because previously we gained around 200 in total (over one month after release)!

I kinda expected users to deinstall the app right away after checking it out, since I thought a lot are only interested in the technical details, but two days later only a very tiny amount deinstalled the app yet (around 20 out of 350). So that gives us a lot of hope :)

We already prepared a list of other relevant subreddits where we try to pull of the same, let's see if it will work out 🙌

This has been an insane boost in motivation, so let's see what the future brings!

January 5, 2020 First paying user

Today it finally happened! We got our first paying user 🙌

It took us 2 and 1/2 weeks and around 150 installs for the first member who upgraded. During this time we spread the word about Avocation everyday whenever we had an opportunity to.

This is such a great boost for our motivation and helps to keep pushing for more 💪

Next week we will spend preparing our first bigger update after the launch, adding a lot of the initial feedback we got and getting our landing page finally out! 🚀

If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to download Avocation for free on iOS and Android to keep track of your habits and to build a daily routine! 🌱

December 30, 2019 100 active installations 🎉🥑

Not even two weeks after our launch of Our app Avocation on Android and iOS reached the first 100 active installations yesterday! 💪

This was the first big milestone we had after launching our MVP. It was already a lot of hard work, because only the first 20 installations came from family and friends, so we acquired around 80 users who do not know us! Pretty cool for us is the fact that these users come from 36 different countries around the world! 🌍

We also already got one paying member and one In-App donation, but both are from people we know personally who want to support us. This is awesome but getting the first paying user we do not know will be a bigger milestone for us!

Our next milestone is a bigger update which addresses a lot of the feedback we got which I will work on next week and preparing our launch on ProductHunt to reach more users. Also we want to try and measure the effectiveness of paid marketing options. This is all still completely new to us so it’s a lot of trying things and see what works. I am writing down everything I am currently learning about marketing and I will publish this in a blog post when the time is right 🙌

We are both super excited about the new year and we are super determined to help as much people as possible out there 🌱

If you haven’t checked out habit development app “Avocation”, make sure to give it a try! It’s available on iOS and Android for free 🙌

December 19, 2019 Launched our MVP

After we launched Avocation for Android earlier this week, also Apple approved our App for the App Store and we started launching Avocation for Android and iOS! After half a year of hard work on the App we finally released this project we are so passionate about.

Check it out!


We are very excited about the future!


We built Avocation because we struggled, like a lot of people, with building new habits. Not satisfied by the current apps out there we decided to built something which is motivating and educating people in a fun way.