Going full time and launching on ProductHunt!

I'm super excited to have just launched Awesome Illustrations on ProductHunt and at the same time have just handed in my notice. Both excited and scared, but launching on Product Hunt is a small win, hope you guys like the product!


Awesome Illustrations is a pack that comes with 35 unique illustrations, 10 backgrounds and 11 pre-made illustration stories that are truly awesome for any project. Every illustration is 100% vector scalable and can be sized without quality loss. All illustrations are super easy to use and can be edited to your liking. I've also setup the illustrations in a way that allows you to easily mix and combine them to make your own unique illustration stories, perfect for any website 🤓

⛰️ Motivations

I'm a huge fan of everything design and given the rise of using illustrations on websites/apps, I felt compelled to have a hand at creating something truly unique and awesome!

What do you guys think? Is there anything I could improve on the website/illustrations?

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