October 10, 2019

Product Launch! Super excited :)

Andy Dao @speedpoint

After about 2 months of planning and building, I've finally launched Awesome Illustration Membership on Product Hunt! Awesome Illustrations Membership is an all-inclusive illustrations membership to help businesses create breath-taking websites.

I'm both nervous and excited for the launch, but whatever happens, I'm going to continue building and developing this service. I believe there's something here! Give it a checkout when your free and 🙏 Any feedback is much welcome!


Also comment below on what you're working on, I'd be happy to give feedback 👊

  1. 1

    What is the status of this project? website is down and the product hunt shows "Sorry, but this product was flagged for removal."

  2. 1

    yeah, the ph page is dead..

  3. 1

    Sorry, but this product was flagged for removal.

    What the...

  4. 1

    Looks really great! And congratulations.

    The cap is interesting. When you reach your cap you probably want to create another "pack" with totally different images and a similar cap and so on. Will make each pack rare but continue to generate value for you going forward.

  5. 1

    Congrats, that sounds awesome :D

  6. 1

    flaged for removal.

  7. 1

    Congrats on the launch! Your site looks great and the illustrations are lovely. I think your plan to cap membership at 200 so the illustrations maintain their uniqueness is really interesting. You might want to highlight that in some way more prominently on the page - unless I just missed it elsewhere. Once you get to 200 you will have created a nice, profitable business for a solo founder! I can imagine you pivoting to have 'windows' of sign ups that have access to a select portfolio down the road too...

  8. 1

    Love the idea, but the link is no longer working!

  9. 1

    Good job, so I figure the idea is to offer a set of illustrations from the library PLUS a couple custom illustrations that are made exclusively for the business?
    For the websites to be unique?

  10. 1

    Nicely done, Andy - it's better to launch than to let it sit idle!

    I'd correct the name on Product Hunt (Illustraiton is mispelled). I'd also downsample the previews you offer on the website (to avoid people helping themselves to it).

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