September 27, 2019

Graduated from YC Startup School and applied to YC

Sajid Niazi @sajidniazi

It has been really 9 great weeks of learning and interacting with other founders of the startup school.

Today I have 'graduated' now, and have applied to the YC. However, the real success of a startup is when it finds product/market fit, and customers start using the product.

I met lot of super talented founders via weekly video group meetings, building lot of cool products and each founder has been very eager to help out in improving the pitch, questioning the business models, and viability of different ideas.

Founder 'Community' aspect of the Startup School has been really fascinating.

Before joining SUS, I was feeling all alone just building my product without any user feedback.

After joining SUS, I felt energised and more motivated to work on my product. Most brilliant thing happened after the first weekly group chat when I realised that SUS founders are actually also AXSAR Solo potential target customers.

Founders themselves started giving me feedback that a product like AXSAR Solo will be beneficial for founders as well. Previously, my target segments were small teams consisting of mainly freelancers.

PS: AXSAR Solo provides the following features in a single well integrated solution for small teams which will save them subscriptions costs, and reduce the integration complexity. Without AXSAR Solo, they will be using multiple SaaS solutions for these functions, and will pay way more per user in subscription costs, and will have to deal with the integration complexity of integrating multiple SaaS solutions:

CRM : Accounts, Contacts, Sales Pipeline Management, Help Desk management

Project Management: Projects, Tasks Management, Time sheets

Business Management: Invoices, Proposals

Productivity: Notes, To do lists, Files, & Diagrams

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