October 31, 2019

New Feature - Contract Lifecycle Management

Sajid Niazi @sajidniazi

I was recently approached by an existing customer who asked whether AXSAR Solo CRM could be used for managing Contracts Lifecycle. Customer mentioned that one of his clients asked Salesforce for Contracts management feature, and they quoted $1m/year for the added feature which is obviously way expensive. So they were looking for something like Salesforce but simple and cheaper solution for managing Contracts.

So I built the simple Contract Lifecycle Management feature, and happy to announce that it is now live.

AXSAR Solo now supports Contract Lifecycle Management.

  • Create / update contracts (Lease, Maintenance, Software Licenses)
  • Search contracts & filter them by contract type or status.
  • Attach file to a contract
  • Add comments
  • Forward any contract related emails to a contract specific email inbox. Email contents will be attached to the Contract, so that one had full traceability regarding contract related email exchanges with different suppliers.

Give it a try, and please let us know your feedback - https://solo.axsar.com/contracts

In the future, we will also add email notification capability for expiring contracts, so that one can take action before a contract expires.

AXSAR Solo CRM = Accounts, Contacts, Sales, Help Desk, Contracts, Projects, Tasks, Time sheets, Invoices, Proposals, Notes, To do lists, File, & Diagrams

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